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Available now for $99.95 (physical), $94.95 (electronic only)
or free with $150 worth of patterns from the marketplace.

iPatternStudio is a two part software solution. FIRST, iPatternStudio Desktop is the best solution for organizing your digital patterns for computerized longarm quilting. SECOND, iPatternStudio Marketplace is a one-stop pattern store for searching across many pattern authors and thousands of patterns from a single search. When you purchase a pattern, it is automatically downloaded into your Desktop library for organization or archive. From the Desktop software, you will organize and search through your patterns.
It is truly is best software, for the lowest price in the industry!

Just a few of the amazing features:

1. Compatible with Apple and Windows
2. Compatible with over 10 longarm machine brands
3. Incredibly easy to use
4. At $94.95, it is an incredible value
5. Integrated marketplace for easy searching and download of patterns
6. Monthly pattern clubs for inexpensive purchase of the highest quality patterns
7. Cloud backup of all pattern purchases
8. Advanced Community Keywording functionality
9. Automatic Updates
10. Ability to sync multiple computers (offline and online) to same library
11. Ability to install on as many computers you own with same license
12. Insanely devoted customer service

Advanced Catalog

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iPatternStudio is designed to catalog electronic pattern files for computerized quilting machines. These patterns are stored in an advanced database allowing for quick searches and secure handling of pattern files. Patterns can be organized by keyword tags, as well as into collections.

This pattern library can be exported individually, or as an entire package. The individual export allows for quick use with a stitcher's software. The export function for the entire pattern library is used to sync multiple computers that are running iPatternStudio. This feature will sync the two libraries, and allow the user make choices if conflicts arise.

Managing quilting patterns files could not be easier.

Community Keywording

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The process of adding keywords to ones library is both the most important and time-consuming aspect of pattern organization. Each pattern can be given an array ofkeywords, allowing for smarting searches in the future.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of iPatternStudio users, all who are working to keywords patterns. The Community Keywording tool is designed to draw from all iPatternStudio users for keywords for patterns. The tool copies keywords used by participating users along with a signature of each pattern file. When you 'Check For Matches' you agree to participate. Each of your patterns are compared with the 'cloud' and any matching keywords are then downloaded. A list is displayed below of each match, where you can choose to accept or decline the keywords found. All patterns in your library that are affected are added to a keyword group '_Updated Keys' with today's date - so you can find all patterns that have been updated. No existing keywords are every removed by this tool.

Pattern Marketplace

Visit the Marketplace now

Finding new patterns that you actually want to use requires browsing many different websites and dealing with many different methods for purchasing, downloading, and organizing those patterns. Many talented pattern designers are not familiar with the ever changing technology of internet commerce and therefore are unable to effectively present their creative works to quilters world-wide. Therefore many patterns, that could be perfect for a quilter’s project, go unseen.

iPatternStudio™ is not only both a powerful pattern organizer, it includes a pattern marketplace allowing quilters to search for, purchase, and download patterns with amazing simplicity and ease. The iPatternStudio™ pattern marketplace provides an incredibly easy platform for pattern designers to self publish digital designs to the computerized quilter market - with minimal effort from the designer. Which means they can focus on being creative and making money!

Here is a list of some of the great authors presently available in the iPatternStudio Marketplace providing over 3300 patterns...

Cyndi Hermann
Dawna Sanders
Dianna Heiner
Ellen Munnich
Errol (Pete) Hughes
Jackie Brown
Karen Thompson
Laura Lee Fritz
Linda V Taylor
Lisa Calle
Patricia Ritter
Rose-Clair Fletcher

FREE Trial

Click here go to download links

The trial version is fully functional. The only limit is that the pattern library can only have 100 patterns- until you purchase and unlock it.

Ways to purchase/unlock:

1) Purchase an electronic copy from the marketplace. You will need to create an account in the markplace and then you can purchase a registration code for $94.95.

2) Purchase $150 worth of patterns from the integrated pattern marketplace and iPatternStudio is unlocked for FREE!

3) Purchase a physical copy from a quality reseller. Learn more at THIS LINK.

Once downloaded, copy the installer to a USB Flash Drive, eject the drive.

Then plug the USB Flash Drive into your offline computer, and run the correct installer.

If you have any difficulties, please contact support@ipatternstudio.com. We will help you find your downloads, give instructions, or answer any questions.


Latest Version is 2.1.6

Here are the latest update installers:

Windows: http://www.ipatternstudio.com/updates/iPatternStudioSetup.exe

Apple: http://www.ipatternstudio.com/updates/iPatternStudio.dmg

iPatternStudio updates are released periodically. They address fixes and add new features. Here are the two ways for getting updates:

1) Within iPatternStudio Desktop:

If your computer has internet connection, then running the auto-updater is the easiest method for updating iPatternStudio. During installation you can specify to automatically check for updates each time you start iPatternStudio. You can turn this auto-updater on in the program preferences. Otherwise you can update by: (APPLE USERS) Go to the iPatternStudio application menu and select 'Check For Updates'. (WINDOWS USERS) Go to the Help menu and click 'Check For Updates'.

2) Manual Update OR For New Purchases

For computers that are not connected to the internet, you will need to download the new program installer, copy it to your off-line computer, and install it over the existing install.

Once downloaded, copy the installer to a USB Flash Drive, eject the drive.

Then plug the USB Flash Drive into your offline computer, and run the correct installer.

If you have any difficulties, please contact support@ipatternstudio.com. We will help you find your downloads, give instructions, or answer any questions.


2.1.6. Released November 27, 2015

• [Change] iPatternStudio Cloud Server configuration changes
• [Change] Pattern Downloads added dialog with pattern check options and download optimization

2.1.5. Released June 30, 2015

• [New] Added support for HQV format

2.1.4. Released June 26, 2015

• [New] Added 'Export Bitmap' to File menu, which will save out png files for selected patterns
• [Change] Pattern list and thumbnail view remains more static when making changes
• [Change] Pattern Information panel designed to fit better in small space and also includes scrollbars when needed

2.1.3. Released June 9, 2015

• [New] Multiple patterns can be removed from a keywordgroup by right-clicking on multi-selected patterns in the thumbnail view
• [New] Added a 'View ALL' button to the toolbar
• [Bug Fix] QLI import issue fixed when the QLI is actually a CSQLI

2.1.2. Released June 6, 2015

• [Change] Purchase menu option redirects user to website for account creation and purchase
• [Bug Fix] Corrected error when importing files with no quilting machine registered yet

2.1.1. Released June 2, 2015

• [New] Added new Marketplace button to toolbar
• [Change] Added additional details in import error messages
• [Change] Marketplace visual change

2.1.0. Released May 20, 2015

• [New] Community Keywording Tool released
• [New] Export / Import functions 'remember' last location
• [New] Add full support for QCC format
• [Change] Printing now displays 3x3 instead of 2x2
• [Change] Added format support to all machines to include alternate support types
• [Change] Updated Machine Names
• [Change] Changed menu 'Store' to 'Cloud'
• [Bug Fix] Updated and streamlined process to account creation

2.0.12. Released January 21, 2015

• [Change] Allow editing of account username
• [Bug Fix] Corrected Auto-updater

2.0. Released October 27, 2014

• [New] New web store interface
• [New] Added support for .gpf, .qcc, and .hqx pattern files
• [Bug Fix] Library Pattern list now sorts correctly.

Check www.ipatternstudio.com/updates for a list of past release notes.

Buy Now!

iPatternStudio™ is available for purchase in two ways: Electronic Download Only or Physical Copy with a USB drive.

1) Electronic Copy

CLICK HERE to create an account, then add iPatternStudio to your cart and purchase it electronically for $94.95.

2) Physical Copy:

You can purchase iPatternStudio in a physical package from a retailer. This form has comes with a 1GB USB Drive for installation AND then for moving patterns from computer to computer. This version is available for $99.95.

Here is where you can purchase this convenient retail package:

Linda's Electric Quilters2001 Central Circle Suite 103, Mckinney TX 750691-800-893-2748LongarmSupplies.net
Mulqueen Sewing Center3716 E. Main St., Mesa AZ 852051-480-545-0778
Rocky Mountain Quilting And Sewing8740 South 700 East, Sandy, UT 840701-801-566-3812

3) Free With Pattern Purchase

View available patterns. You can also purchase $150 worth of patterns from the pattern marketplace (accessible inside iPatternStudio). Once checkout total is reached, the software unlocks, and your purchased patterns are downloaded into your library.

In all cases the free set of 7 patterns valued at $90 retail are also unlocked.
The patterns can bew view at this link

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